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What started in the late '70s as an avocation became a small business and over time transitioned into what we are today. We have learned a great deal about what works best in the world of real estate management and equally important, what doesn't work.  All of this experience has culminated in a forward thinking approach that focuses not on what we think is important but what you have expressed to us over the years.



Business Meeting

You get a tremendous amount of experience when you choose to partner with the Prosight team.  Our team has many decades of experience in real estate management but that's only part of it.  Team members  also have a diverse set of related current and past experience and education that ensures Prosight can provide outstanding leadership for your organization.

  • Industry Specific Designations

  • Real Estate Licenses

  • Builders Licenses

  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Insurance Licenses

  • MLO Licenses

  • Investment Licenses

Prosight Program

Prosight has taken the sum of our experience and developed a management program that is efficient, scalable, mobile, communicative and consistent.  This isn't a management "style" or something we try to do, this is a structured program we follow daily, monthly, seasonally and yearly that ensures your needs are addressed prior to being expressed.  It also creates expectations that are aligned with services and responsibilities of an association to their co-owners.

Investment Chart
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